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LR6 Worse Fools Cease To Be A Shadow CS

by Axis: Sova


Recorded on a single night in the bowels of Chicago's south loop, the tapes rolled and the band (yeah, 3 heads) reveled. A humid cloak engulfed the proceedings. Mostly spontaneous, barely composed, the 4 songs on Worse Fools were edited down from lengthy jams to accommodate the casual listener. They provide endless fodder for the walkman junky with intentional headphone pleasure. This mellow and drippy recording is a secret handshake, an attitude adjuster, and a summer lengthener. It holds onto the heat and paces itself accordingly - sticky, hazy, loose. Worse Fools is a seasonal love that sunburns your mind before you take it back to school and ooze technicolor matter onto your new, brown desk. Share the vibe with your BFFs, your classmates, your teachers, and your dealers - all the Worse Fools gotta get some.

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